Shop everything I have in my studio, snacks that get me through the day, books that motivate me and more. 
Artificial Fig Plant

My salon MUST HAVE!! Add greenery to your space to brighten the environment and create a relaxing & calming space for your clients.

LED Lights

Shop my salon LED Lights with remote control colour & motion change. Thank you 2020 for bringing these into my life!

Beauty Fridge

Keep your spare glue stored in this gorgeous beauty fridge, your undereye pads and rollers for when your finish your clients lashes, even mini water bottles. This link is the cheapest pretty fridges i could find similar to mine they come in gold, silver, white, blue & pink.

Table Trash

If your anything like me (OCD) you will have stylish bins in every corner of your salon, This one is one of my favourite, it sits on my trolley and i dispose of eye pads, tissues & adhesive wipes + so much more. + it comes in so many colours with matching bags.

Bo Trash can

Mmmm the picture speaks for itself!! I'm obsessed and i know you will be too! 34L with two compartments, you can even store your dirty bed linen after each client!


keep your salon decor current with this stunning vase.


I love taking photos of my products & set up & even more now i have this stunning trolly .

18' Ring Light

Your can't take your lash pics to the next level without a ring light. This is a must have salon piece! I love them so much i brought 2.

Jade Roller

a must have for your clients under eyes after lashing, i keep mine in my beauty fridge to sooth the under eyes even more.